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South Eastern Region

Officers of the Region’s Council


Wally Garner


David Isted


Jean Isted

Executive Officer & Countryside Care Officer.

Allen Russell

Regional Youth Liaison Officer


Coren Moore

Surrey DA .

Ros Russell

South Downs DA

Terry Axtell

East Kent DA

Suzanne Prescott

Folk Group - SE

Ronald Martin


Jill George

DA Appointed Council Members Section Appointed Representatives (Non-voting) Regional Council Members

Auditor & Scrutineer

Jane Tanner

S E Region Auditors

Chairman & Appointed National Councillor

Alan Armstrong

Past Chair, Social Secretary, joint Equipment Officer,

And Regalia Officer

Jenny Croney

Webmaster and joint Equipment Officer

David Croney

East Sussex DA

Roger Wynn

Vice-Chairman, Deputy App. Nat. Councillor, R.Y.L.O and

Facebook administrator

Alan Moore

Facebook Administrator

David Clarkson

Hon. Treasurer and P.R.O.

Michelle Clarkson


Harry Leach


David Barrett